Ori Princess
Ori Princess cover
Directed by  ?
Produced by Puzzle Animation Development Co., Ltd.
Written by  ?
Starring  ?
Music by  ?
Cinematography by  ?
Studio(s) Puzzle Animation Development Co., Ltd.
Distributor  ?
Released October 2011
Language China, Vietnam
Season 2
Number of episode 104

Ori Princess (甜心格格 Tiánxīn gégé) is a Chinese animated-film by Puzzle Animation Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen produced and supervised by Tien Quoc Dong. Film was broadcast on CCTV Children from October 2011 and received Prize Cartoons have the highest rate of Chinese viewers, 2012.[1] Both are part of films were broadcast in Vietnam on HTV3 channel since late 2013.[2]

Character Edit

Humans Edit

Season 1

  • Princess Cassee/Ori (甜丝丝)
  • Sherree Xin (心柔柔)
  • Valenmy-Asia (华伦)
  • Maxzo (白米勒/武状元)
  • Humphrey Wang
  • The Emperor (皇帝)
  • The Empress Dowager
  • Fatina
  • Nathan
  • Crazy Knife
  • Jill Shroom
  • Mogi
  • Master Su
  • Wallace-Asia
  • General Tiger Xin
  • Naslong
  • Sammo

Season 2

Animals Edit

  • Cheeko
  • Peekie the Pigeon
  • Cha-Cha the Crow
  • Crazy Dog



Once upon a time in China, the crown prince was traveling in his kingdom. During his travels, he fell in love with a peasant girl, and they had a baby daughter. Unfortunately, they were separated due to the prince’s obligation to his kingdom. Many years later, the crown prince became the emperor, and he decided to reunite with his daughter, who, after so many years in the village, grew to be a bit too peasant-like for his liking. The emperor therefore decided to bring his daughter into the palace to teach her to be more princess-like. However, the new princess already has all the habits and the lifestyle of a peasant girl and thus her entry into the palace brings a breath of fresh air through the formalities of the royal household. And so, the story starts here.

Other StoryEdit

Ori Princess after years of loss of supply has been welcomed, lived in the immense love of the king. Too familiar with common life, character Ori extremely clumsy, unruly. Especially or fussy (this is one of those moves that easy to make super pleased Ori Majesty every time requires a certain work for yourself). Besides, Ori was a princess vivacious, generous and filial. When his father fell ill, the Princess was brave sortie snow Changbai Mountain, overcoming many difficulties and challenges to find the cure for Majesty tape. That makes people very touching. However, nature's naughty princess never change, she has created so many problems for the palace. Day and night the king was nervous, did not know how to Ori can become a noble princess, modest and coy. Arrogant lords gave a prize phap.Cuoi Majesty the Princess decided to put learning into Upper Room Letter...